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Young Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas with   her little dog Toto. She is a happy girl who dreams of adventures 'over the rainbow' in far away lands.

In another world in a land called Oz there are two wicked witches. They don't like people to be happy, to play, sing and dance. Using their strong magical powers they send a large tornado to Kansas to destroy Dorothy's happy life.

During the storm Dorothy hides in her house which is picked up by the strong winds and carried to a magical, colorful land called Oz. The tornado drops the house on the Evil Witch of the East, killing her. Things in Oz are strange and Dorothy just wants to return home. She's helped by the Good Witch of the North who gives her the Evil Witch of the East’s magical ruby shoes.

While   Dorothy meets a Scarecrow who needs a brain, a Tin Man who needs a heart, and a cowardly Lion who wants to be brave. The four friends travel to the Emerald City and talk with the Wizard.

He tells them that he will only help them if they kill the Wicked Witch of the West.

On their journey to the castle the Wicked Witch takes them prisoner. In the castle the friends believe that the Wicked Witch has set fire to Scarecrow so Lion builds up the courage to try and scare the Wicked Witch so Dorothy can try and extinguish the fire. Dorothy throws a bucket of water over the fire but the water hits the witch causing her to melt away.

The friends are overjoyed that they have killed the Wicked Witch and Tin

Man begins to cry. They all realize that they have what they always wanted.

A brain, a heart, to be brave and Dorothy to go home.

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